The Negative Effects Of Drinking Coffee When The Stomach Is Empty

For coffee lovers, coffee at breakfast as a complement that could not have been missed. However, as coffee lovers we suggest you should also pay attention to details how to drink a good health so that your body stays awake. You need to pay attention to details such as the time a good cup of coffee and a combination of what is goodand bad for a coffee (read also: how to make French press coffee ).

The best time to drink coffee is after breakfast. If you drink coffee before breakfast, in other words the stomach is still in a State of blank, then this is an action that can harm your health as a whole.

These drinks can also provide many benefits to the body, but drinking coffee whenan empty stomach is the way to damage the stomach intestine. Nobody denied thatcoffee is an important source of antioxidants and coffee also proved to be effective for preventing various malignant diseases, such as colon cancer. Antioxidant properties of coffee is the result of klorogenant acid which is found in fruits. The experts agree, coffee can be bad when drunk when the stomach is empty.

Drinking coffee in an empty stomach can cause a kedaan protein terjabak in the body and can cause health problems such as bloating and intestinal inflammations or irritations. The study concluded the better drink coffee after breakfast, at least You've been eating a piece of bread an hour after waking up. An hour later, your stomachin a State is safe to consume coffee.

Coffee should not be drunk immediately after waking up because of the level of cortisol in the body are in a State of very high. Therefore You have to wait until the level of cortisol in the body decreases. Cortisol is a substance in the body that is responsible for controlling biological work cells and encourage vigilance system in the system of intuition in human brain.

In conclusion, drinking coffee when an empty stomach can cause heartburn, bloatingstomach and even vomiting. If you are not the type of people do not like the breakfast, and need coffee, before consuming coffee should drink a little honey or add milk in your coffee. The combination of coffee and milk can at least save your colon.

Coffee lovers, please be careful in eating your favorite drinks Yes, whatever it's goodcoffee, soda, or tea, take a good look into detail so that your health is not threatened.

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